Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another frame project redo

This project started as two prints from Target that had a picture of some white flowers in an urn with a dark red background.  Since I am no longer using red in my color palette, I decided to redo the mattes and make some moss wreaths to hang on the front of the frames.  I forgot to take a full before pictures of the frames. :( Here are a few pics I did remember to take!

Materials used for moss wreaths - reindeer moss (use a 40% Hobby Lobby coupon as it's $4.99 a bag!!!). I ended up using 4 bags for the two wreaths and did have a little bit left over.  I used two round wreath forms from Hobby Lobby as well for $4.47 each and hot glue I already had on had.

Here's a picture of the completed frames with moss wreaths on them.  I used ribbon to ring around it and hot glued that ribbon down. Then I tied a bow to glue on the front of that loop. 

I found some fabric on clearance ($4.00 for a yard) at HobLob and recovered the cardboard that is behind the matte in the frames.

I can't wait to get them hung up after the crown moulding is finished in my dining room.  :) I am totally loving the way they turned out!

Here is a picture of the frames and wreaths in my dining area.


  1. I've never worked with moss. I know these will look fantastic in your home. Very cool! I like how you do things in 2's :)

  2. Lovely! These look beautiful in your dining room!