Friday, June 10, 2011

Panels with Pizazz!

It's been awhile since my last post, but now that the school year is over, I hope to be working on more projects and posting more!

I recently bought a new house and have been working on getting things put together.  I'd had these panels from the start and made the short curtain rods out of some dowels and finials, then painted them black. I knew I wanted some shorter rods and could not find any that I liked, so with the help of my dad, we made some!  I absolutely love the rods!  I was thinking all along that I needed to do something with the charcoal gray panels, but hadn't quite figured out what to do until I saw these and fell in love with them!  Since I wasn't sure how the project would turn out I decided to start with a border pattern on the two bedroom panels.  And if that was successful I would try the chevron design on the four panels I have in my living room.

Warning about the pics -- the room looks much more yellow since I took these pics at night with the lamps on.  The wall color is actually Sherwin Williams Kilim Beige.

Here's a pic of the curtains in the room before the painted border

Here is a pic of the panel laid out on a drop cloth in my living room.  I taped the edges with painters tape and then started painting.  There are a few spots where the tape did not adhere very well and the lines aren't clean, but nothing too major!

Next up is the panel all painted and drying.

Here are the finished product in the bedroom and I love how they turned out!

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