Thursday, June 30, 2011

New chairs finally arrived today -- it only took 3 months!!!

I moved into my new house back in early March.  My living room in the new house allowed for more furniture compared to my last house, so I began the search for some chairs. I finally ended up doing a custom order through North Carolina Furniture Direct who has a great selection of fabrics for Flexsteel furniture.  I took three samples home and instantly knew which one was the winner!  I gorgeous floral design with aqua blue, darker aqua, brown, green/chartreuse, rust and cream.  I moved my previous armchair to the corner by one window and the halfwall that separates my living room and dining room.  Here is an upclose picture of the fabric, Laguna.

Here are some pics of the chairs in my living room. I pulled a small table I had in one of my guest bedrooms to place between the two chairs.

Thanks to my mom and her mad sewing skills, I have two cute little roll type pillows for my new chairs. She used the same fabric as some that was used for my kitchen/dining room curtains seen below. I need to take some new pics of my kitchen as I've now decorated above the cabinets.  

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